IMG_0146-blogYesterday I went in search of Australian Coots and as I knew there was plenty of them at the lagoon in Palmerston North, that is where I headed.  I was hoping there would be very young chicks in the nests but unfortunately I think I was a week or two early. Many of the pairs were either sitting on nests or still building their nests.  There were heaps of ducklings about but no coot chicks.IMG_0156-blogI did however witness some very clear nest building.  After admiring the properties on the other side of the lagoon and imagining how much work their gardens would be I noticed a coot working at trimming up some of the native grasses growing along the water’s edge.  It would jump out of the water, gather up the grass stalks and then jump back into the water and power its way to the nest.  I watch this for three or four round trips, fascinated at how focused the coot was on what it was doing.IMG_0163-blog
IMG_0201-blogFurther down the lagoon there was a massive nest with a single coot sitting on her clutch.  It was built so high it must have taken a great deal of time to achieve. The materials used for from the opposite side of the lagoon and had pretty much been totally cleaned up by the industrious birds.IMG_0018-blog

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  • ChrisOctober 7, 2013 at 5:26 pm

    Hi Toya,

    Nice set of images. Where abouts are these nests? I would like to go up and see thewm 1 day soon.



  • ToyaOctober 9, 2013 at 9:19 am

    Thanks Chris 🙂

    They are at the Hokowhitu Lagoon in Palmerston North. Centennial Drive. I think I will be heading up there again in a couple of weeks if I can find the time 🙂


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