IMG_6141-blogThe last few years have we have seen birds building nests very close to our house. In fact so close that we could easily touch them as we walked along our deck!  This year is no exception.  However this year we have the luxury of being able to clearly see the nesting bird through one of our kitchen windows. The bad news is that it is above the stove and the only place for the camera to get a good shot is from on top of the range hood!  It wasn’t long before a solution was found.  The camera was placed in the desired position and then tethered to the laptop sitting on the kitchen bench with live view showing.  This allowed me to take the photograph from the laptop.  Now all I need is good lighting!

IMG_5847-blogAfter spending some time with our resident nest building song thrush, we headed out to have lunch with my father-in-law.  Happily this isn’t far away from Waikanae Estuary, so we popped in there for a bit too.  It rained but I had a raincoat for the camera so that didn’t stop me.  The dull day didn’t give me the best of images but I got my weekend photography fix and have some images to share with you.


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