IMG_2917-blogOn the weekend I noticed there was more coming and going from the nest so I watched to see if they would leave the nest long enough for me to have a look. Alas they did not. In fact they were both very careful not to leave the nest unattended at all throughout the entire weekend. IMG_2930-blogWhat I found amusing was that while the female would sit in the nest keeping the chicks cosy and warm, the male bird would only hover on the edge guarding the nest until the female returned. Sometimes he would feed her and then she would in turn feed the chicks, other times he would feed the chicks directly, but he never enters the nest itself.IMG_2902-blogThis afternoon I was lucky to find the nest on its own for a very short while and I managed to hold the camera above it and get a shot of the inside.  When the chicks grow a bit more we should be able to see them from the window without having to wait for the parents to fly off. It’s blowing a gale out there, I do hope the nest survives the weather!IMG_8870-blog

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