My lights arrived this week, just in time for all the new babies that I have to photograph. However I did need to test these new lights as they are a bit stronger than the previous ones and I didn’t want to waste time getting the right settings when there were babies waiting. They tend to have a very short window of opportunity to photograph and I want to make the most of every minute. So we put a call out for model to help me test the lights and two lovely ladies answered the call.

 The day was not without it’s frustrations, none of my remote triggers are fast enough to work with my camera and my lights, they creates a nasty delay that ruins the images, so I am having to remained teathered to one of the lights at least until I find myself a better wireless trigger. That will take a bit of getting used to but it’s not an impossible situation. I only *almost* pulled the lights over once 🙂 Thanks Mel for being there to catch them, I would have been devasted if I broke my new set on the first try out.

One of the models arrived carrying her 11 week old baby and you just know I couldn’t resist inviting the baby into the shoot as well. Young Arabella was an awesome wee model, just like her mum and I enjoyed having them to photograph. Today I have two more babies all going well, so there will be lots to write about tonight. That is if I am finished with all the processing that will need to be done. It’s one of the downsides of taking lots of photos.

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