Walking around the valley at Zealandia we weren’t just looking for the birds and fungi. All around us there were wonderful photographic opportunities, all we had to do was see them. The tree trunk to the left is a perfect example of this. It’s just a tree trunk but there were these delicate little leaves growing on the side of it and I liked the contrast between the old and the new, and the pattern that was forming from it.

There were a lot of tall trees towering over us, all majestic and straight in stature – well almost all of them. The image to the right shows that having an odd one out can make a mighty fine image. I loved the quirky way this tree was growing. The non-conformist.

I also like using black and white for some of the photos giving them more contrast and tone rather than colour. Sometimes the colour can be more distracting than good.

This last image is one of my favourites. I was waiting for Nga to finish photographing some fungi and just happened to see the toitoi with the light making it stand out from the rest of the foliage. I was playing with depth of field in this shot trying to get something that looked just that little bit whispy and mystical.

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