I visited a friend’s place this afternoon and she showed me around her yard. I am not sure I can call it a yard as it is really a very steep bank filled with native bush. Standing on her deck we could look out over the top of the bush. While we were standing there talking a fantail started singing and when I looked around there it was right in front of us hopping from branch to branch.

It would have been a very easy shot if I had a camera in my hand – but no, I didn’t have a camera did I. Next time I visit there I am going to take it with me regardless so that I never miss that opportunity again.

When I got home I decided to get out the camera and see what was in my own yard to photograph. Its getting pretty bleak in my gardens now as the frosts have started and winter has pretty much found us. Leaves are gone from the trees and some of the shrubs and it really isn’t a pretty site – with the exception of one little corner of the garden. The fuscias are still flowering! I am sure they should have well and truely finished flowering by now, all the other bushes of them are but this one bush was covered in buds still.

It wasn’t until I was processing the images that I noticed the ants on the fuscia buds. My eyesight must be getting pretty bad to have missed them, but to be fair I wasn’t looking for bugs either. They do make an interesting photo though.

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