My husband really likes freshly squeezed orange juice. Recently when we were out having a meal at the food court I commented about the huge price he paid for a tiny paper cup of freshly squeezed orange juice. It was a ridiculous amount of money to pay for a drink so small. So on the way home he bought a bag of oranges so he could squeeze his own juice for less than half the price!

Husband is on holiday at the moment so while I was off at work this morning he was busy squeezing oranges for his lunch- time drink. There’s still a lot of fruit left after they have been squeezed so when I came home I found half cut squeezed oranges out around where I feed the birds. What’s more, there were birds happily munching away at the left over orange pulp. I might also point out here that my camera was sitting in the door way on its tripod and photos had been taken!

I also had a go at mixing up some of the nectar mixture that some places feed the birds. So far the birds haven’t really bothered with it at all. Probably because they are getting fresh fruit dished up on a platter every time the sun shines. I am sure they know they are our number one models, they stay in each pose just long enough to grab the shot and then move on.

 It certainly is nice sitting here in my home office where I work in the afternoons, listening to all the birds chirping away. They can be rather noisy at times but it’s a noise I like to hear.

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