We often drive around the Pauatahanui Inlet on our travels North, and each time we go past there is something different to see. Sail boats can often be seen in the distance, people on wind sails are often there skipping over the surface of the water. Sometimes the water is incredibly chopping and other times it is still like a mirror reflecting everything around it. Of course most of the times I have seen this I haven’t had a camera on me and have missed the shots.

Just recently we drove past and while the water was not totally still, there were reflections visible and I did have a camera in the car, so we took the time to stop and wander for a bit. Landscape photography has never been one of my strong points. I struggle to get what my eye sees, into the final picture. I do envy those who manage it well and often wonder if the difference is in the post processing but I suspect not.

So while I will have the odd attempt at landscapes, to date I don’t have many that I am entirely happy with. I guess the passion just isn’t there as much as it is when there is a bird or animal of some kind in the shot. Why is it that something that is for the most part just sitting there waiting to be photographed always end up being the hardest shot to obtain?

This bird was so busy feeding himself that he didn’t notice me standing on the bank photographing him. I managed to get my mirror image though not of the landscape, and I am happy with the results.I really should stick to what I know 🙂

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