Today I attended the Adobe CS5 Roadshow to see what exciting new features were in Photoshop CS5. As a photographer after seeing what they showed me today I am truely excited by the new features. One feature in particular is a lens correction feature that is based on CS5 identifying both the camera and lens and making adjustments automatically. It was very good!

The most exciting feature however was the Content Aware Fill. This was just amazing to watch, photoshop literally fills in the gaps as if they were never there. Better than the healing tool or the clone, this just replaces the missing bits as if they were never missing. You can remove a pole or a tree or even a person from an image and you can’t even see where they have come from.

There is aparently over a hundred new features in Adobe Photoshop CS5, we only saw a few of them today. For me a few was more than enough – I want it and I want it now!!!

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