So we caught a plane to Auckland, then we were picked up by a car so there is two of the three. The next morning we caught the train into Auckland city to get the ferry out to the Island. It bought back many memories of my high school years where I used to catch the train to school every day. Back then we used to get a free pass on the trains if we were in uniform and on our way to school, I notice now that they kids have to pay. They do get a concession price but it is not quite the free ride that we used to get.


Once in Auckland I got to see the Britomart train station, the last time I caught a train to Auckland the main station was  not only in a different place but a different building. I understand that building is now student accommodation. It makes much better sense to have the main station where it is now, much easier to get to where you want to be. The ferry building was just accross the road so we didn’t have far to walk in the rain.


Yep it rained. I am told the weather in Auckland will change in fifteen minutes and that is pretty much what happened the entire day. The sun would shine one minute and then rain the next. We didn’t have any idea which way to dress, for the rain or the sun – either way it was pretty darn cold. I am amazed that there were any birds out for us with the weather the way it was.

Puriri Moth

There were a group of school children on the boat with us. They were on a field trip out to the island and they looked like they had a fantastic time there. I was impressed with how well behaved they were too, we moved among them and they were always focused on what they were supposed to be doing.


 It was nice though that on the way back home on the boat they kept all the kids downstairs and let the adults who were not connected with the school group relax in peace and quiet. By this time we were all exhausted from all the walking and were dozing most of the way home.

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