Associateship Set for PSNZ

Awarded at the PSNZ Honours Banquet in Dunedin, April 2018, I achieved the distinction of Associate of the Photographic Society of New Zealand.


They were presented as a matted print set on metallic photo paper, in the open category.  The twelve images tell a story and were accompanied by a short piece of text.

“The Survivor”

She wakes. The worst has happened
The city is toxic and abandoned.
Afraid, and ready to fight her fears
She must break through the city gates
Explore the world beyond, find shelter, and survive

“Associate is a significant step up from Licentiate. The successful Associate applicant will exhibit a higher level of skill with the camera and in processing and presenting images.

An Associate should be akin to a one-person exhibition. It must demonstrate not only a higher level of technical of proficiency than an ‘L’, but also appropriate artistic and creative qualities. It may be a diverse portfolio or one that has a theme. A theme is not a requirement.  A high quality of imagery throughout the portfolio is the most important consideration.” – PSNZ website

John Boyd and Toya Heatley
Receiving my Associateship from PSNZ Patron, John Boyd Hon FPSNZ Hon PSNZ APSNZ

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