I was looking back through some old images this afternoon and came across some that I took at the PSNZ Central Regional Convention last October. I didn’t have a lot of time to do much in the way of photography at the convention itself as I was the convenor of the organising committee and was pretty busy at the time. I did make the time to attend one workshop and one field trip. These images are just a few of those I took at those two events.

Railway Museum Fieldtrip

The workshop was a ‘trash the dress’ workshop where we had a group of models dress up as brides and get into places and positions that a normal bride would avoid on their wedding day because it might damage the dress – hence the title. Our brides ranged from pretty young fairy brides to dark goth brides and all of them did a fantastic job of modeling for the large group of photographers that turned up at the convention.

Trash the dress workshop

The field that that I attended was at the Silverstream Railways Museum. Unfortunately things didn’t go quite to plan there so there wasn’t a train in steam for us to photograph but the old station and carriages made for some wonderful images. We were also lucky to have some beautiful vintage cars at the convention for members to photograph. This one came complete with a family dressed in costume! In the setting next to the old war time buildings it all looked rather spiffy!

1938 Studebaker owned by the Bixley Family

I do enjoy the whole convention thing, the feeling of being a part of a community of like minded folk. The ability to learn from others more experienced and the opportunity to share your own knowlege with those with less experience. The after dinner inpromtu parties are always fun too!

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