Unlike the previous post where all the shots were taken up close, this set were taken while standing by the car as I was getting my gear out. The kingfishers were flitting about and not caring that I was there because I wasn’t really in their space. Thankfully the long lens allowed me to capture their flight.

I don’t know much about the techniques of panning with the camera to capture a moving image, I am not one for reading to learn. I like to learn by doing. The only way to get these shots is to pan with the bird and believe me when I tell you that it is not an easy task.

 In this particular set of images there are two things that I like. The motion and the reflections. It has to be a fairly still day to get the reflections in the water as the bird flits past, and there needs to be some sunshine to make it happen. When it does, it’s magic!

These last two were taken in different light conditions to the others but they fit the post so I have added them also. 


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