I just love the names the girls have chosen as their burlesque names. Phoenix Flame and Sadie Von Scrumptions are both names that not only suit them but leave the imagination thinking all sorts of things. Tantilising the mind with their teasing sounds – exactly what the burlesque aims to do. I love the variety of costumes that we have had to play with during the two photoshoots I have done with these two. Everything from prim and proper to wild and sexy. Sadie with her lingerie and innocence and Phoenix with her… well just herself !  The images that I have shown you all here are but the tip of the iceberg – short of putting an adult rating on this blog I just can’t show them all. Trust me when I say they were a whole lot of fun and very successful.

A big part of what makes this type of photoshoot work so well is that the models are relaxed and comfortable. They are both known to be personally in other circles and while Phoenix is an old hand at being in front of the camera, Sadie is still very new and unsure of herself. As much time is taken to help the models relax and be comfortable with their surroundings as there is during the actual shoot itself. A wise lady once said to me that if you don’t look after your models, you won’t get the images you want – and it’s true!

Both Sadie and Phoenix attend burlesque dance classes locally, each time I see them they have learnt something new. Phoenix is getting to be quite the accomplished pastie (tassle) twirler! She even makes them herself! I have seen it for myself, and of course photographed it, but unfortunately those images won’t appear here.

Sadie enjoys the retro look and is often tracking down new websites to source items of clothing from. My new suitcase – a trademe purchase – fitted in perfectly with her outfit for these photos.

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