When spring first showed itself we had lot of chicks showing up in our garden and then for a while the bird numbers dropped again. Now we are on the second round of chicks. Sparrows, starlings, blackbirds and waxeye chicks are all bouncing around in the trees looking for food from their parents.  It is not often they get into a position where I can photograph them feeding but the other day I was lucky!

I am learning the different behaviours of the birds and can pretty much predict what comes next when I see them doing something. It is pretty easy to see which chick is going to get fed next and to have the camera focused and ready. They just have to be in a position that is free of obstructions and where I can focus on them clearly.  The ponga fern just outside the door was the perfect spot as far as I was concerned!

I am still struggling to get some good flight images. I have managed a few but none that I consider to have that wow factor and that is what I am looking for. While the birds keep visiting I will keep trying. I can only get better with practice.

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