IMG_8830-blogNestcam Update:  We definitely have four eggs and the birds are sitting on the nest full time now.  While one bird sits the other is usually near by guarding the area.  I can walk past without the bird disturbing now which is great considering when I do that I am passing within inches of where she is nested.  I make a point of talking to her as I pass so she gets used to my being around.  I must do some research to find out when to expect the chicks to hatch.IMG_8877-blog
IMG_9081-blogWe have found a couple of pied shag nests that we can get very close to and plan on visiting them weekly weather permitting, so hopefully we will be able to follow the nest and its inhabitants through the entire process.  Today’s images are from our walk around Zealandia. Some of them were taken from the boat and through the plastic screens of the boat.
IMG_8849-blogSometimes the big lens is a bit of a handicap because our skipper (Michael) was doing his best to get me close to the birds so that I could photograph them well.  A little too close in some instances but I did get some good shots.   This next one is of two chicks in the nest (through the plastic window of the boat) and the two after that are of a juvenile shag.  It still has yet to come into its adult colours.IMG_8775-blog

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