I have lived in Wellington since 1998 and have never liked Earthquakes. I had never felt one until I moved here and remember being totally freaked out by them in the beginning.  I am a little more relaxed these days but that is mainly due to the fact that I don’t live in a house on poles any more.  Relaxed that was until last night! I have to admit to being really scared when the 6.5 hit and knowing that there would be aftershocks to follow through the night kept my adrenalin levels flowing and sleep away.  I think I managed about two hours sleep through the night but it was unsettled sleep so not really restful. I even kept a small battery light on because I was not comfortable being in the dark if another one hit. Yep I am a fraidy cat and I don’t mind admitting it.


Today’s images are more from Saturday’s walk in the bush. I was looking for fungi and while I found some, there was not the usual amount about. Perhaps the weather conditions were not quite right for it, I don’t know but I will go back and look again.  If for no other reason than I want to have another shot at the fantail.  Hopefully it will perform for me again and hopefully I will be better prepared for it. I want to get the entire bird in focus, so that is my challenge of the moment.  I hope you enjoy today’s selection.



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