(Warning – this post contains images of an artistic nature that may offend.) I have always avoided moving into the erotic photography genre much to the dismay of some of my friends, but yesterday I went there for a short while. I had two willing models, two bottles of wine and two hours to spare. It is incredible just how much you can fit into two hours!  I have so many images to process now and all are worthy of some special attention.


I didn’t have very high expectations of good results because I was acutely aware of how important light is for these type of shots and I wasn’t confident that I could get it right with the set up I have. Having said that, the image above is one that I am extremely pleased with and will be looking forward to seeing it printed up large, framed and on my models wall.  She loves it too!


Most of the images shot will not be posted on this blog for obvious reasons, but suffice it to say I have now stepped into the erotic photography genre for a day and probably won’t be visiting there again for a long time. It’s hard work!

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