I am still doing my best to capture flight with the waxeyes. Today I thought I would treat them to a bit of home baking too. I have been buying some food blocks from the pet shop that the birds just go nuts over and I figured they couldn’t be to hard to make at home. I found a recipe on the web and today I made some out of dripping, peanut butter, wild bird seed and breadcrumbs.

It was only a matter of minutes and the block I put out was totally cleaned up so I guess they were a success. I have another half dozen blocks in the fridge so they should last a wee while. It is amusing though, the birds hang around like there is more coming and there isn’t. Some of them get impatient and try to fly inside to encourage us to give them more!

I had better luck with the birds in flight today as you can see but I also have high expectations for tomorrow. I have the most awesome friends, and tomorrow another one of them is letting me have her camera for the day so I can have another play.  Now my husband is worried that I will rush out and buy a new camera…  maybe… not yet…

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