Today I made a flying visit to Auckland for work, and yes I did fly! The flight there and the flight back couldn’t have been more different! I was in the back of the plane on the way up to Auckland with my knees up round my ears to prevent them from being jammed up against the seat in front me. I couldn’t even hold a book open without it hitting the seat in front. The only thing to do was to try and sleep my way through the flight.

On the return I checked in early and had some time to spare, so I sat by a big viewing window and watched the planes coming and going. It was very relaxing with the sun streaming in. I have to wonder though after listening to all the notices over the speakers… just what does “further and final” really mean? I thought final meant final. That’s it. No more! But no, in airport land, final means they will call you about five more times before they remove your luggage and lock you out. Certainly doesn’t instill any urgency into you if you know they will call for you again.

Checking in early meant I could change my seat from the back of the plane to row nine and to make it even better there was an empty seat beside me. I had room to stretch out my legs as I relaxed in the nice wide leather seats. A glass of wine was handed to me and some crackers and cheese to nibble on. A nice way to end a busy day. Now I am more than ready for the weekend… one more work day to go.

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