Content Warning:  This blog post contains images that may be challenging for those without an open mind. If this is you then please do not read this post.

 This time the alien balloon was supposed to be clear but this is as clear as they get. More of a yellowish tinge to them but at least we are able to see inside the balloon. We had three models with no brief other than to get all three into the balloon at the same time. I tried several different lighting techniques while shooting these images and for the most part struggled. We were doing it at night with no natural light using balloons that reflected flashes and continuous lights in much the same way.

Once inside the balloon there is plenty of air and room to stand or sit down depending on how inflated the balloon is. You can see a helpful hand here holding the neck of the balloon closed around the air hose.

Now we have one person in the balloon it was time to prepare for the second person to enter. Taking the neck of the balloon to the inside gave the models more control over the entry and made it easier to take photographs.

As you can imagine the logistics of getting three people in a balloon can be quite tricky. When the second person enters the balloon a lot of the accumulated air escapes making for some up close and personal moments for the two models inside. This image is during the re-inflating process just after the second model fully entered the balloon.

 Finally our third model enters the balloon. Again air is lost in the process so this is again an image shot during re-inflating. When fully inflated all three models were able to stand up inside the balloon.  It was not long after that the balloon popped leaving all three standing with bits of rubber about them laughing at the experience. 

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