Today it was time to play with my new camera, to work my way through the new features and settings that it has. Ngahuia and I headed to Zealandia Bird Sanctuary in Karori. I haven’t been there for a few years and there have been a few changes made since I was there last. There is an impressive new visitor centre that I spent about 5 mins in on my way through. I will have to explore that on another visit.

We found our way to one of the feeding stations for the birds and there a friendly chap who saw our cameras told us of an opportunity not to be missed if we were paitent enough to wait for it. I decided to sit and wait while Nga went to the top of the dam, and I wasn’t disappointed. Within two or three minutes of her heading off the bellbird or korimako came out. These little birds are unique to New Zealand and for such a little bird they make a whole lot of noise!

This particular bellbird enjoyed the feeding station and fed from one of the bottles there. It hovered just below the bottle long enough to have a quick meal before heading back into the bush. There ended up with quite a few of us standing there with camera’s poised waiting for the bird to return. Each time it would sit under the bottle (giving us time to focus our cameras) then it would fly up to the feeder and hover.

The bellbird was the highlight of the trip for me, and I am very happy with the photos that I managed to capture of it. The new camera performed beautifully!

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  • Alan RobsonMay 23, 2010 at 2:28 am

    The photo of the bellbird at the feeding station is just stunning. Well done!


  • ToyaMay 23, 2010 at 8:41 am

    Thank you 🙂 It was fun trying to capture that moment.


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