It has been very hot here the last few days and I have taken to relaxing in the back of the house by the open doors with my feet up enjoying the breeze. Of course I have my camera sitting on my knee and if the birds are brave enough to make it to the birdbath then I can photograph them. The birds think it is far to close to the camera but the heat of the afternoon made them a little bit braver.

Once they get used to it being there and my not hurting them I am sure the opportunities to photograph bird water play will increase. You could call me a lazy photographer doing this but I am finding that the longer you just sit and watch the birds, the better versed you become in their behaviour and better able you are to predict their movements. Getting that good shot is all about patience.

I had lots of patience while I was shooting these images, I fell asleep in my chair and had a nice snooze. I am surprised the snoring didn’t scare the birds away!

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