IMG_6460-blogI hung a coconut shell in the tree and filled it with wild bird seed. I did this to try and encourage the finches into our garden. I was hoping for greenfinches, goldfinches and any other finch that liked the seed. I am not fussy so long as they are different and add colour to the garden.  To date we have only had the greenfinches feeding from the shells along side the sparrows.

IMG_6547-blogThe birds don’t seem to understand the concept of sharing and are always fighting over the right to feed from the shell. The losers get the dropped seed on the ground below.  There seems to be a hierarchy amongst the seed eaters.  The male greenfinch wins every battle it enters, followed closely by the female greenfinch, and after that it is the female sparrow before her male counterpart.  Interesting that the male dominates in one species but not in the other.
IMG_6449-blogNestcam Update: I haven’t seen any action in the nest today, I suspect she was there while I was at work but alas work is a necessary evil.


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