IMG_4718-blogOur garden is alive with colour again, signalling that Spring is definitely here!  The flowering cherry tree has pretty pink blossoms, the Kowhai has its yellow flowers with the odd tui jumping about it’s branches. The spider magnolia makes for a very pretty background beyond the Chinese toon tree with its bright pink new leaves. In amongst it all are the birds doing what birds do.  I am excited by the prospect of photographing chicks feeding from their parents again this year and feel that I am better prepared for them this time round.  Fingers crossed I am right.

IMG_4722-blogToday’s images were selected because they were just a little bit different, be it colour or pose they are not what you would normally expect.  A couple are the male and female greenfinch that have now established themselves as residents of our garden – this is the first year we have had them here.

IMG_5070-blogI am still keen to attract the bell birds and fantails but that may take some time.  We have a new nectar feeder from Bunnings that we are trialling at the moment. Some of the waxeyes have worked out how to use it but I have yet to see the tui at it.  The good thing about this one is that the bees and the sparrows can’t get into it.  Only birds with long tongues will be able to feed from it.


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