IMG_2633-blogFor the last three weeks I have been catching the boat to the shag nests and each week I have been photographing a pair of chicks in one of the higher nests along the way.  They were large chicks and they had me wondering just how long they stay in the nest.  Yesterday I found out.IMG_2652-blogAs we passed on the way back I pointed the camera up at the nest and there was only one chick there. It was being fed so I pushed the shutter and watched the single chick have its last meal in the nest.  I didn’t know that at the time but what happened next even had the boats skipper stop the boat to watch.IMG_2669-blogThe chick literally fell out of the tree before us.  Unfortunately I didn’t capture that part because I was so stunned at what I had seen.  We sat in the boat and watched to see if the chick was ok. It was sitting a bit deep in the water but made its way over to the branches, climbed out and started drying its wings. IMG_2673-blogI can see now why all the juvenile birds gather on the low branches – it is because they fell or were thrown out of their nests!  You can almost see the glee of the parent bird with her now empty nest!

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