A week or so ago I ordered a bird feeder that could be mounted on a pole. I wanted to get the birds off the BBQ and feeding from a place where they would be safer from cats etc. Today it arrived and my son got busy and set it up for me in the garden. It was interesting to see just how long it took for the birds to trust that it was safe to eat from.

To start with they kept going back to where the food used to be and looked somewhat confused or annoyed, not sure which. Then they started quick a flyby of the feeder to see what it was about. Next was the flyby with a hover in the middle. This was cute to watch but almost impossible to photograph as they were so quick! It was just 15 minutes before I saw them perched on the feeder eating the bananas again.

I can hear the chicks demanding to be fed but so far today they have eluded the camera. Preferring to hide up in the trees where there is lots of foliage. I am sure I will get another chance at capturing them being fed, but if I don’t then I am happy with the shots I got yesterday. I am really enjoying having the birds flitting about. It’s like watching fish in a fish tank only much better!

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