I am extremely lucky in that my husband is happy to support my photography. He is also happy to come along with me, carry my gear and generally be a spotter. He will point out things of interest that I might have missed, or if we are looking for something in particular like bugs or birds two pair of eyes are better than one.

Today’s image is of one of the cheeky kaka’s at Nga Manu. They are so keen to say hello they will literally jump on your head if you let them. Unfortunately the lens I had on my camera ment that I didn’t want them that close so it was up to the spotter to distract the bird long enough for me to photograph him. We weren’t overly successful in this and I probably should have take the time to change lenses but never mind, there is always next time. It is good being able to get in the avairy with the birds though as it means if you are careful you can get a shot without any cage or netting in it.

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