It has been an overcast day and for some reason the birds decided it was a good day to play around the house. Of course the camera has the wrong lens on so when the tui bounces around on the ferns I am not able to photograph it.  I tell myself that when Summer arrives I will be able to get lots of great shots of the tui so I shouldn’t be worrying about missing it now.  Ok that would work if I had my photography fix somewhere else but I didn’t.  So when I was bored with packing, I got the camera out and changed the lens.

IMG_1206-blogBy this time the tui had been and gone about five times already and didn’t return but our newest garden visitors were there in numbers.  I had a coconut shell hanging in the tree full of wild bird seed and the green finches have decided they are top in this particular food chain.  It’s a wonder the sparrows are all suffering from low self esteem, they are always at the bottom of the list, however they will patiently wait until the other birds are all gone and clean up the dregs of whatever is left.

IMG_1262-blogThese photos were all shot through the glass window while it was raining and indeed were only taken out of boredom. Imagine what they could look like on a fine sunny day without the glass in the way!



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