With the waxeyes firmly established in our garden now it was only natural that the tui would find their way there too. I love the sound of the tui’s call, it’s very melodic. We have one tui that has become a regular visitor to our garden and it has literally claimed it as his own. While the tui is there, the waxeyes are nowhere to be seen. The sparrows, blackbirds and starlings are all chased away by the tui. He rules!

The tui chasing off the competition

The minute the tui flies off the waxeyes are straight back and making the most of every opportunity to get at the feeder. It is like they are just hiding back in the trees waiting for him to get bored and move on. They are the smart ones who sit back and wait, the blackbirds are constantly trying it on with the tui and fights do happen. The tui always wins of course.

We have ordered a tui feeder that we can place a bit away from the waxeyes feeder. Hopefully they will learn to co-exist in the garden and the fights will lessen. I am certainly enjoying having all the different birds to photograph without even leaving my computer desk! I just swivel in my chair pick up the camera and shoot!

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