The weather is not always suitable for photographing the birds in the back yard, so there are some days where I get the chance to look back at the unprocessed raw images (and there are a heap of those) and see if there is anything I missed that might be useable.  Sometimes a bird has just flown off out of the shot just as I click the shutter but that doesn’t mean I am going to get left with an unusable image.
The ferns in my garden are currently going through a spring growth spurt. New fronds are emerging every day and unfolding at a fast rate.  I might be photographing a nicely tight koru one day and then only two days later it has uncurled itself and is reaching for the sun! This is exactly what these images are. The first one being shot two days before the rest of the images.
Another rainy day chore is to rate all my bird images so that I can easily identify those that I believe are the best. I want to create a set of images that portrays the life of the waxeye (or silvereye) in my garden, but I want the images to be quirky and different to the norm. I want them to stand out for their individuality and because you can see a story in each and every one of them. This is no easy task to achieve but I am working on it.

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