This morning we were up with the birds (literally!) and out the door to get to the inlet at first light. I thought it would be nice to get some kingfishers with the early morning sun on them.  I forgot to send the memo to the kingfishers!

Don’t get me wrong there were heaps of kingfishers out and about but the few times that they came close enough to me were mostly when the sun was hiding behind the clouds!  I managed to get one cute little guy when he stopped on the log but he was casting and that isn’t always a good look for a photograph!

There had been a very high tide overnight and the ground where I set up was particularly soft. More so than normal. I was extremely happy that none of the other photographers were about to see me and my camera fall off my chair!  One of the chair legs had sunk straight down into the mud turfing me out in the process.  Thankfully my son was nearby and was able to help me up.

Not one of my better days at the inlet but I have a respectable amount of images that I am happy with so I can’t complain, and there’s always another day…

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