Since the weather has turned colder we have had so many more birds arrive in the garden. Yesterday I even heard the Tui again. I haven’t seen him yet but I know he is around by his distinctive call. The waxeyes are now flocking together and visit in ‘waves’. The feeders go from no activity to huge amounts of activity and the cycle seems to be quite regular.

The birds are all looking to be in great condition but there has been one notable absence. Broken-beak, as we named him, hasn’t been seen at the feeders as yet. He used to be the one constant visitor and he hasn’t come back this season. I am hoping that he has been able to survive without his beak being intact but I suspect not.

Each day the flock grows in numbers and with it the silly antics that they get up to. I have yet to manage to photograph the mid air squabbles but I did get one or two quirky shots as you can see.

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