I haven’t picked up the camera much this week as I have been deep inside a learning curve with Sharepoint set up and administration. I am learning the hard way that it is not as user friendly on the admin side as they make it out to be. Today I blew most of it away and started over again. This time round it will work because I won’t let it do otherwise!

The toon tree has started changing from the bright pink to its summertime green. Currently it is a sickly salmon colour. I was hoping to photograph lots of waxeyes with this colour background but most of them appear to have gone elsewhere just lately. There are still a few about but not the numbers we had in early spring. I am wondering if they are not busy sitting on a second clutch of eggs, I certainly hope so anyway.

We have regular visits from the tui now and judging by the amount of pollen on his face we are after the flax flower feeding. It was amusing to see it poke out its tongue which had turned bright red from the sugar water. It has a bit of red food colouring in it.

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