I know it is not that long since I changed the blog style to the magazine format and it did look good, but it was awful when it came to editing or adding new posts. So I have changed yet again to a more basic format. One in which I can easily navigate around in the administration side and is still easily readable.

This morning the weather was somewhat nasty again so I turned to the backyard birds for my daily photography fix.  There were huge numbers of waxeyes out there this morning and we had several visits from the tui as well. He didn’t stay long enough for me to get a shot of him this time but it is reassuring to know that our feeder is a regular part of his feeding routine.

I am sure the neighbours have been wondering what I am up to with the bird feeders outside. It was funny this morning to see a curtain pulled aside and a face peeking out at me while I was photographing the birds. The curtain closed quick smart when the camera turned in that direction.

The End

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