It has been bitterly cold, wet and just plain nasty weather just lately and I haven’t really felt like going out at all. My focus has been on hearing news of my grandson and his progress from an incubator in the special care nursery to rooming with his mum in her room. Each day he has made more progress and each day I have been receiving the most delightful photos in my in box.  It is hard being so far away (he is in Brisbane, Australia) but it won’t be long now and I will be able to go visit the new family.


So today the weather report said it would be fine this morning and I wanted to believe it but we were shrouded in fog when I got up.  Regardless we jumped in the car and headed over to the kingfishers. I figured if it was foggy there too then I would get some eerie fog images instead of birds.  The fog got thicker and thicker as we traveled over the hill and then suddenly it was gone.


The light at the inlet was still quite dull and flat but that didn’t stop the birds from fishing and it didn’t stop me from trying to capture their images on my camera.  I wouldn’t say they were the best I had taken but it was good practice and I did get the chance to see the new perches up close.  I think the perch builder did a mighty fine job!





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