I had these images ready to go when I received the phone call that changed my blog post completely. So here they are today, a day after they were shot but worth the wait!  As you can tell, I was back at the kingfishers again. I arrived a little early so there was a bit of a wait for the water to recede far enough for the log to be enticing as a perch.

This kingfisher arrived on the log with dinner already in its beak. It looks more like a grasshopper or a katydid than anything else. On the original large file you can clearly see the insect’s eyes watching you.

The crabs were fascinating to watch. If no one or no ‘thing’ was a bout then they scuttled about all over the place. The minute there was a shadow of a bird or the vibration of a foot print they just sunk into the mud unseen. It is easy to see why there is such an abundance of bird life there though, the chances of going hungry are very slim.

Once again I moved my chair that little bit closer but I think this time I reached the limit to the birds patience. I did see a couple but they didn’t come back as often. I think next time I will take a step back again to keep within their comfort zone.

The white-faced herons also put in an appearance. One even trying the rain dance that the spoonbills performed last week. All it seems to have been able to bring us is fog over Wellington, it’s still sunny in the Hutt Valley.

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