A Walk in the Wetlands

This morning we went for a short walk around the wetlands to see what there might be to photograph. I usually have a plan or a particular bird I am looking for, today not so much. I was open to any opportunity that presented itself to me. The first such opportunity was a delightful dragonfly that flew over and landed on a flax leaf in front of me. It sat there for a good few minutes while I happily clicked away on the shutter.


The next opportunity was a chirpy little chaffinch that was hopping around the kowhai tree. There were shadows to content with, so I focused in on more of a close up than the complete bird. I was surprised when I saw something in its beak, which of course makes the image much more interesting. Dinner anyone?


Dragonflies and damselflies where all flying around the edges of the water, so I had plenty of opportunity to attempt catching them in flight again. It took me a while to realise that the focus point used on a bird is not going to work for a dragonfly. I switched to multiple points and these are the results.

Damselfly (huge crop)
Dragonfly in flight

As we were leaving we came across a pair of grey warblers and I managed a few frames of one. They are very quick little birds and tend not to hang around long, so it is focus fast or miss out.

Grey Warbler – its a balancing act
Grey Warbler in flight

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