I am an Upper Hutt based recreational photographer. My primary focus is on Nature & Bird photography but as you will see from my blog posts, I will give almost anything a go.

This site is the home of my photo blog – which I’ve been posting to since April 2010, and the hub of all my photographic activities.  It has gone through a few design changes over the years and with each change I like to think I am showing a bit more of my creativity.

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Latest Blog Posts:

The Black Morph Fantail

Recently I have heard of people seeing and photographing black morph fantails.  As these are only about 5% of the fantail population and mostly found in the South Island, I really didn’t think I had much chance of seeing one anytime soon.  I went to a different place this morning on the recommendation of a […]

Still more Falcons

So I admit I am getting a little obsessed with these magnificent birds but they will be gone before long and I am keen to spend as much time as I can with them before it is all over for the year.  I am hoping to get images of the chicks when they fledge from […]

Another day with the falcons

The falcons were very busy today getting food for their hungry chicks.  It can be a little sad and upsetting watching them bring back small birds as food but it is all part of the cycle of life and without nature’s predators the balance would be out.  Be warned that some of these images from […]

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