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I am an Upper Hutt, New Zealand based recreational photographer. My primary focus is on Nature & Bird Photography but as you will see from my blog posts, I will give almost anything a go.

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Latest Blog Posts:

A Day Trip to Whanganui

Whanganui is home to one a very rare bird. The Nankeen night heron are known only to breed along the Whanganui River.

Why Are All The Birds Hiding?

We drove over to Pukaha with plans of having a successful day photographing birds. Alas it was not to be. High above was a NZ Falcon / kārearea flying off with its usual kak kak call when it is off to hunt.

One of My Many Favourite Places

Last Sunday saw us driving North to Waikanae. Its a small coastal town that is home to the Nga Manu Nature Reserve.

Eastern Rosella’s at TMP

Eastern rosellas are well established at the Trentham Memorial Park now. There is a huge flock of them there.

New Products Sneak Preview

Exciting new products are coming to my website. Very soon now you will be able to purchase a either cork-backed or glass (with silicon feet) drink coasters featuring birds from this website.

There’s Always Something to Photograph…

When it is too hot to go out looking for birds, I tend to look around the garden to see what else there might be. Today I found a monarch caterpillar.

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