I am an Upper Hutt based recreational photographer. My primary focus is on Nature & Bird photography but as you will see from my blog posts, I will give almost anything a go.

This site is the home of my photo blog – which I’ve been posting to since April 2010, and the hub of all my photographic activities.  It has gone through a few design changes over the years and with each change I like to think I am showing a bit more of my creativity.

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Latest Blog Posts:

Wow what a week!

After yesterday’s excitement you would think things would calm down and I would be getting back into taking photos but for sometime now I have been keeping some other exciting news to myself, waiting for the time it appeared online. I was approached by a Wellington graphic designer about one of my images that they […]

Still Life Win

For the last few years I have entered images into the Sigma D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year Competition (also known as APOTY) and never made it into the short lists, let alone place anywhere.  I had been entering in the Nature category because that is where I feel I am strongest.  There are a […]

Creating opportunities at home

Some time ago, a friend showed me an image of a set up for photographing birds in the back yard.  He knew I had birds in my yard that I often photograph and thought I might be interested in trying something new.  He was right and I have.  The set up took a bit of […]

A Morning with the Kingfishers

This morning at the beach I was alone.  Not another photographer in sight for almost all the time I was there.  One did pass by briefly and waved but he didn’t stop more than a few minutes.  The kingfishers were also enjoying the quiet.  I had five of them above me for most of the […]

Wellington Zoo

A few weeks ago now, we made a visit to Wellington Zoo.  I only just realised that I had not yet written up a blog to share the day’s images.  We didn’t walk around the whole zoo as I was more focused on certain areas and images that I wanted to capture.  It also gave […]

A Day at the Beach

Today was one of those stunning winter days that Wellington is so good at. Next to no wind and a perfect day to photograph kingfishers diving for their dinner. On arrival at the beach I found more photographers than kingfishers!  Someone forgot to send the memo to the birds and we all sat and waited […]