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I am an Upper Hutt, New Zealand based recreational photographer. My primary focus is on Nature & Bird Photography but as you will see from my blog posts, I will give almost anything a go.

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Latest Blog Posts:

A Walk Around Zealandia

I went for a walk around Zealandia with a couple of photography friends.

November Road Trip with a Group of Photographers

Four photographers braved the bad weather and took a road trip to Whanganui with their cameras.

A Weekend Visit to Brisbane

It sounds very decadent, flying to Brisbane just for the weekend, and it was, but I got to spend some quality time with my son and grandsons, and the birds in their back yard.

Tui Still Visiting Our Garden

The tui are still visiting our garden, even after the kowhai flowers are finished. The red-hot pokers are still providing nectar for them to drink.

Tui Bliss

October is my favourite month to photograph the birds in my garden. It is generally when most of the local kowhai trees have finished flowering and our trees come into bloom.

kākāriki karaka

Yesterday at Pukaha National Wildlife Centre, I managed to tick another bird off my wish list. Before now I had never seen a orange-fronted parakeet/kākāriki karaka and it wasn’t from lack of effort.

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