Another trip to Staglands

If this morning is a taste of the summer to come then I am really looking forward to it.  There was an icy start, so much so that my car told me of icy road conditions as I drove to the pool.  But it soon warmed up into a warm sunny day. A perfect day to head out to Staglands Wildlife Reserve with my camera.

I realised soon into the visit that I probably should have put the smaller lens on the camera, but once there I decided to work with the decision and see what I could do with the limitations it posed for me.  Next trip I might just change prior to getting there and work the wide angle instead.

Spring was very much visible at Staglands with youngsters all over the place.  We had to be careful where we walked because there were stray chicks all over the place.  So many that it was quite difficult to work out which adult bird they belonged to.  The swans were chasing off the ducks and the piglets were way too cute.  It was a fun morning and I am pleased with these images.  Enjoy!

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