This last weekend I spent in Nelson at the PSNZ Southern Regional Convention.  It was a full on weekend with many speakers and fieldtrips. The organisers of the event really did the Society proud with a full programme, great food and a lot of fun times.

There were three trades at the event this year, Sony, Nikon and Wellington Photographic Supplies. I have always bought my big ticket items from WPS because of the excellent service I have received over the years.  I know I can walk into the shop and not only be recognised (I hope that’s a good thing) but also treated like a VIP.  Thank you WPS.The guys at the Nikon table were sure they could convince me to leave my trusty Canon gear for one of their cameras.  So I took one for a test run at the field trip.  There were no birds about so I turned to the bees to give me an indication of what it could do for me. The bees move just as quick and erratically as small birds so it was a good test.

For a light-weight crop-sensor camera the Nikon D7500 was very easy to use, very fast and had many features that my current camera does not have. I enjoyed playing with it and got some really cool shots of the bees in the process.I have to say, I am impressed with the results but sorry guys I am still a loyal Canon girl.  I have way too much money invested in my Canon gear to want to change it anytime soon.  It’s what I know, what I am comfortable with and what I will continue to use for my bird photography.

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