light painting with crystal balls

Chasing light, absence of light & refractions

When I am not out seeking birds and nature to photograph I can be found at home trying something creative. My fascination with the crystal balls is still strong and now that I have played with them for a while I am starting to refine my style – for want of a better word. When I started working with them I would just play around with the lights and the result was always a complete surprise. Now that I have more experience with photographing them I am finding myself working to achieve specific results.

The images I am drawn to creating tend to be the ones with an absence of light along with the soft dreamy ribbons of light. I am also now looking for simple refractions within the crystal balls. I have tried with several different light sources and for now, my favourite is a string of light. As it is moved, the camera picks up the light trail creating ribbons. Altering the shutter speed for each of the colours gives me a range of differing effects that are all pleasing to the eye.

These images were made in my lounge room late at night when it was very dark. It can make for an amusing time working in the dark, especially when you are trying not to knock the crystal balls. I will also be running two workshops at the PSNZ National Convention, Hutt2019 in April this year. This was decided after the success of the workshop I did at the Central Regional last year. I will also be running a workshop at the Kapiti Coast Photographic Society in June. I enjoy sharing my skills and get a real buzz when I see others achieving their own creative images using the same process.

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