Damselfiles in the sun

IMG_7624-blogI have found a spot where there are damselflies in a abundance. It’s very close to home and has easy access. Perfect for me to try and capture these tricky little insects in flight. Ha!  All I managed was a couple of red lines in the shot where they flitted through the picture.  What I found most amusing was how quickly they all disappeared when the clouds covered the sun. IMG_7709-blog

After watching for a while I noticed that the damselflies only flew when the sun was directly shinning on them. If it went they landed and waited until it was back.  I am not sure why they do this but if you watch where they land if does give opportunities to capture them while they remain still.  Today’s shots are not my best by a long shot as I was experimenting with different settings but they do show the damselflies. IMG_7352-blog

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