Feijoa tree pollination

Song thrush feasting on the flower petals.

Feijoa fruit are a favourite in our family, and we have several trees planted in our garden. At this time of year they are all in full bloom which is the promise of fruit to come. To achieve this we need the birds and this gives me photo opportunities outside my dining room window. We have visits from the blackbirds, the song thrushes and the silvereyes all willing to chew away at the petals. Some of them notice me through the window and that gives me many comical images with their looks of disgust.

Blackbird noticing the camera.

The indignant looks from the blackbirds made me laugh every time. It was like they wanted privacy and they knew I wasn’t about to give it to them. They ignored me after a time and carried on with the business of feasting on the flower petals. The little silvereye had its beak full of petal treats to feed to its chick waiting in the inner branches of the tree. The bumble bees are also busy with their pollination duties. Below is a few more from the garden, please enjoy!

Silvereye with a meal to feed to its waiting chick.
Bumble bee with a full load of pollen.
Female blackbird asking me to please leave.

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