Hunua Falls – 30 seconds

IMG_4364-blogWe went to Auckland for Easter and spent a couple of days at a Camp next to the Hunua Falls.  I remember going there are a child, funny how things change over time, my memory has the falls being so much bigger than the actually are.  I set up the camera to take some thirty second exposures on the first day there (images 3, 4 & 5) and was slightly disappointed with the amount of water that was flowing over the falls.IMG_4361-blogAs it turned out I shouldn’t have worried about the water. It rained pretty much the whole time we were there so if these images have a gloomy look about them that’s why.  The top two images are from the second day after a heavy downpour. It was still raining while I took these. I had the camera well covered with plastic.IMG_3724-blogThere was more light on the first day and it didn’t rain immediately so I had the chance to play with the ND filters a little bit more.  Lots of water running over stones and they made for lovely peaceful images.  IMG_3732-blogI would like to have another go at them on a sunny day but for now these will have to suffice 🙂IMG_3733-blog

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