Kingfisher Play-time

IMG_7012-blog2The kingfishers were the first port of call on Sunday and they were out playing.  A fellow photographer got some close ups as I was walking over but they didn’t come back while I was there, preferring to play a little further away.  A couple of kids were playing about in the same area so I suspect that was part of the problem.  I also think I had slightly crossed that line of being too close for comfort.IMG_7006-blog2 IMG_6848-blog2Anyway after a while I got bored and didn’t want to waste the rest of the sunshine so I went for a walk to see how close I could get to them.  I was really surprised at how close I got!  I didn’t stay too long though, as I had places to go and things to photograph.IMG_6849-blog2 IMG_6844-blog2

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