IMG_1329a-blogIt has been over a week since I picked up my camera, I have had family staying and we have been getting up to lots of other things. Photography had to wait until family left and I had an opportunity to pick up the camera.  This evening was that time and it was by pure luck that I got these shots.IMG_1322a-blogThe kingfishers haven’t been around at the inlet for a while so I really wasn’t expecting to see any.  I put my boots on and decided to go try for the plovers and was totally caught out when I saw the kingfisher.IMG_1304a-blogI instantly shot off some frames in case it flew off, then slowly moved closer.  I was able to sneak in a bit but not much before the kingfisher flew off.  I was kicking myself because being so unprepared, my settings were all wrong and I had no time for adjustments. I just had to hope I got something useful from them.  As it happens they are fine for on this blog but I doubt they will make it to prints.IMG_1296-blogIt is however very encouraging to see the kingfisher there again.  Hopefully this will be the start of a very long season where the kingfishers are willing to play nice and let me photograph them at will.  Fingers and toes are crossed! IMG_1299-blog


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