New Zealand Falcons

Wellington is such a bird rich area that I am often spoilt for choice on where to take my camera. Right now there are several pairs of New Zealand Falcons nesting within a 20 minute drive.  Some are in places where I physically can’t get to, but this pair is nesting in a spot with the best viewing area I have ever come across.

We can sit and click away on our cameras (and I say we, because there are a lot of photographers at this spot right now) and the birds are far enough away that they don’t see us as a threat. Yet we can still get images like I am sharing with you today.  The falcons are not shy about telling you if you are too close, they will attack!

To protect our precious falcons and our integrity as photographers, we need to heed the warnings of these birds and keep a safe distance – both for the birds and for the photographers.  If we want them to continue to breed and thrive in the area then we need to respect their space as much as they respect ours.  These images are all shot in very strong northerly wind conditions, so you can see the birds feathers getting well ruffled.

Lately I have been shooting with a damaged camera so consider myself very lucky to be getting these images at all.  It is going in for repair today and once repaired I plan on doing a review of the latest  firmware upgrade that has an animal detect focus mode on the G9.  I am really keen to give this a whirl and will be sure to let you all know how it goes.

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