morepork or owl

Queen Elizabeth II Park – Wetlands

qe11-blog-3I am taking a short break in the road trip reports to show you where I went today. Over the last week or so while I was still making my way home on our road trip, I watched several photographers posting images online of a new dabchick family and some moreporks from QEII Park. I decided I wanted to see the dabchicks with their young so packed the camera into the car and went for a short drive. I had no idea where the moreporks were so planned to see them on another day.qe11-blog-2

Unfortunately the dabchicks were a little far away for me as I don’t have the ability to clamber through the bushes on uneven ground to get closer, it’s a bit of a crap shoot as to whether I am going to get any good images or not.  While not the best, I am happy to have something to show.  The chicks are so cute sitting on mum’s back.  There is only one in these images but trust me, there are two chicks there.qe11-blog-4There were a couple of other photographers at the park and one of them offered to show me where the moreporks were. While I was sure it would be too hard for me to get there I opted to go regardless. I would worry about getting back after I had the shots!  So off we went on the short hike by most peoples standards and a huge trek for me, to see the moreporks.qe11-blog-5

I am very thankful that I was shown where they are, and that I managed to get a couple of images of one of them, because I am not sure I would be able to make that trek again very easily. I can happily tick moreporks off my list of things to do (unless of course they produce some youngsters – then I will get back there somehow).  Thank you Roger for taking the time to show me where to find them, it is appreciated.

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