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Still at Kereta, Coromandel

Still at Kereta, Coromadel and the B&B has a couple of other guests staying as well.  We spent last night teaching two French Engineers how to play Skip-Bo and drinking wine. This morning after a bit of a sleep in, I crept outside with my camera to see if the kingfishers were playing, and indeed they were.  I saw about 6 or 7 flitting about around me. The tide was out so they were not as close as I would have liked but they were fun to watch and photograph all the same.

The white-faced heron and the pair of oystercatchers were in their usual positions and not far from them was the NZ dotterel.  I was disappointed to find 2 dotterel carcases on the beach above the high tide mark, possibly the result of the recent storms.

We went exploring again today, this time to Ngatea where I wanted to see if there were any lotus flowers still about.  I was told that they are at their best between Jan 1st and the middle of Feb, so sadly I had missed the best of them.  However next year our trip is booked at the perfect time for the lotus flowers.

Back to Kereta for the afternoon, some relaxing and some fishing before putting this post together.  Tomorrow morning I start the trek home again. Note I am still processing on the laptop so not sure if colours are good or not.

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